To date, I have authored and co-authored 15 peer-reviewed publications, 3 of which as the first author. Here are lists of my first-author peer-reviewed publications, all peer-reviewed publications, and all publications and contributions. Below are some recent publication highlights:

First-author publications:

The Transit Light Source Effect II: The Impact of Stellar Heterogeneity on Transmission Spectra of Planets Orbiting Broadly Sun-like Stars

Rackham, Apai, & Giampapa. 2019. AJ 157, 96

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The Transit Light Source Effect: False Spectral Features and Incorrect Densities for M-dwarf Transiting Planets

Rackham, Apai, & Giampapa. 2018. ApJ 853, 122

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ACCESS I: An Optical Transmission Spectrum of GJ 1214b Reveals a Heterogeneous Stellar Photosphere

Rackham et al. 2017. ApJ 834, 151

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Second- and third-author publications:

EDEN: Sensitivity Analysis and Transiting Planet Detection Limits for Nearby Late Red Dwarfs

Gibbs, Rackham et al. 2020. AJ, in press.

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ACCESS: Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectroscopy of the Hot Jupiter WASP-4b

Bixel, Rackham et al. 2019. AJ 157, 68

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ACCESS: A featureless optical transmission spectrum for WASP-19b from Magellan/IMACS

Espinoza, Rackham et al. 2019. MNRAS 482, 2065

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The Near-Infrared Transmission Spectra of TRAPPIST-1 Planets b, c, d, e, f, and g and Stellar Contamination in Multi-Epoch Transit Spectra

Zhanbo Zhang, Yifan Zhou, Rackham, & Apai. 2018. AJ 156, 178

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Retrieval of planetary and stellar properties in transmission spectroscopy with AURA

Pinhas, Rackham, Madhusudhan, & Apai. 2018. MNRAS 480, 5314

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Other co-authored publications:

A Pair of TESS Planets Spanning the Radius Valley Around the Nearby Mid-M Dwarf LTT 3780

Cloutier, Eastman, Rodriguez, ..., Rackham et al. Submitted to AAS Journals.

HD 191939: Three Sub- Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc Away

Badenas-Agusti, Gùˆnther, Daylan, ..., Rackham et al. Submitted to AAS Journals.

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The TESS Objects of Interest Catalog from Year 1 of the TESS Mission

Guerrero, Seager, Huang, ..., Rackham et al. Submitted to ApJS.

Helium in the eroding atmosphere of an exoplanet

Spake, Sing, Evans, ..., Rackham et al. 2018. Nature 557, 68

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Selected non-peer-reviewed publications:

The TRAPPIST-1 JWST Community Initiative

Gillon, Meadows, Agol, ..., & Rackham. 2020. Community White Paper

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Nautilus: A Very Large-Aperture, Ultralight Space Telescope for Exoplanet Exploration, Time-domain Astrophysics, and Faint Objects. Astro2020 APC White Paper

Apai, Bixel, Rackham, et al. 2019. BAAS 51, 7, 141

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Astro2020 Science White Paper: Constraining Stellar Photospheres as an Essential Step for Transmission Spectroscopy of Small Exoplanets

Rackham, Pinhas, Apai, et al. 2019. BAAS 51, 3, 328

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Understanding Stellar Contamination in Exoplanet Transmission Spectra as an Essential Step in Small Planet Characterization

Apai, Rackham et al. 2018. White paper submitted to the NAS Committee on Exoplanet Science Strategy

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